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Autumn red peach seedlings

Autumn red peach trees
Autumn red peach belongs to late fine varieties,The average fruit weight285g,Maximum weight600g,The varieties of coloring、Sugar is high、Excellent quality、Resistant to storage、Good commercial、High yield,Fruit set175Days,In shandong weifang area9The end of the month10In mature,Frequent than DongTao covenant15Days。Round fruit,Sutures are obvious,Fruit slightly raised;Fruit a big,Uniform size,The average fruit weight285g,Maximum weight600g;Thick skin,Not easy to peel,When ripe fruit color ivory,The bagged fruit70%Above in red,Fruit surface fuzz dilute、Short,Send out a full-bodied fragrance after fruit mature;Flesh milky white,Nuclear,Near the nuclear blush,Pulp close、Hard、Crispy,Taste sweet,Soluble solid content15%~20%,Up to25.5%。On the quality,Resistant to storage and transportation,Long shelf life

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